Much Talk Less Show At The Pittsburgh Boat Show}

More On This Topic: Lowenberg Lituchy Kantor Celebrity Dentists Submitted by: David Web Last week’s much hyped event at Pittsburgh – the Pittsburgh Boat Show finally concluded and contrary to popular anticipations, it was not as big a hit as expected. Firstly, the show was devoid of its promised glamour, adventure and magnificence. The same expo by the same people […]

Hair Replacement Options Reviewed

More On This Topic: Dental Veneers Celebrities New York By Paul Graham The following are natural hair replacement options. Consider these when you don’t want to put any harsh chemicals into your hair or if you simply prefer going the natural route. They are a very safe way to handle hair replacement and can be used supplementally with stronger chemical […]

Dental Marketing The Key For A Dental Practice Success}

More On This Topic: Marc Lowenberg Dentist Dental Marketing — the Key for a Dental Practice Success by [youtube][/youtube] IC When it comes to business, proper marketing is key for success, this applies to every single vertical out there regardless of how it is organized and managed, today we’re going to talk about dental marketing. Dentistry as a whole is […]

Preventive Dentistry Helps Make Your Teeth Last A Lifetime

More On This Topic: World Renowned Cosmetic Dentistry That alone is enough to ensure that your teeth will outlive you, right? Wrong. You see, while the enamel is tough, it’s also subject to wear and tear. Preventive dentistry is the special branch of dentistry that seeks to prevent certain conditions that may hinder the enamel from having a longer lifespan. […]