What To Do If Your Ex Is Ignoring You? The One Move You Need To Make Right Now!

The question of what to do if your ex is ignoring you certainly isn’t a new one. Anyone who has ever asked it has done so with a bit of desperation in their voice. Break ups aren’t supposed to be easy. The aftermath of them can be just plain ugly especially if you’re still the one holding on to feelings for your ex. So is there really anything you can do if your ex just doesn’t seem to notice you exist anymore? There absolutely is! With just one quick move you can literally transform the broken relationship and get things back on the right track.

When you’re wondering what to do if your ex is ignoring you, you’re going to reach out to them. You’ve obviously tried this in the past without success. This time is going to be completely different though. You’re not going to initiate contact by trying to call them or by stopping by their workplace or home. Instead you’re going to send a very short email or text to them. Be cordial and polite in it. No pouring your heart out or threatening to live the rest of your life waiting for them. You’re actually going to simply say “thank you” to your ex. One more line explaining that you wish them well is all that is required.


The reason that this is beneficial when your ex is ignoring you is fairly simple. Right now your ex feels justified in the break up. Whenever a person has the upper hand they feel this way. The moment you send your message thanking them, that control shifts. First, they’ll wonder what in the world you could be thanking them for. They’ll also be curious about why you wished them well. Obviously they’ll make the assumption that you’re saying goodbye which means you’re over them and ready to move on.

You need to be very patient after you send your short, but powerful message. Your ex will take a few days, if not more, to fully absorb it. The more they think about it, the more it will eat at them. That’s because you’ve, in essence, dumped them with a very kind and considerate message. That feeling of rejection, even though they were the ones to reject you first, will be what will spur your ex on to call you or contact you again. Your ex’s curiosity will get the best of them and that will be the best thing that can happen for you in your quest to get them back.

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