Designing A Fitness Nutrition Plan That Is Just Right For You With A Danville Bootcamp

By Adaleya Johnson

The link between fitness and nutrition is more than obvious. Exercise and a good diet plan need to go hand in hand for the success of your slimming and body shaping efforts. The problem stems from the fact that many people misunderstand fitness nutrition or they rely on the common urban myths, says a Danville bootcamp trainer.

The following tips and ideas will help you create a fitness nutrition plan that is just right for you. Each person has specific nutritional, weight loss and workout needs, which indicates that it will be impossible to come up with a single plan that will suit everyone. This is where a Danville bootcamp trainer can come in handy.

Calculate Your Calorie Needs

The first step towards proper fitness nutrition involves a calorie needs calculation. Many such calculators are available for free online.

This calculation will help you determine the number of calories that your body needs to maintain the current weight. Decreasing these calories will obviously allow you to lose weight. Completing the test will give you an estimate that you can base your nutritional plan upon.

The calorie needs calculator takes in consideration your age, gender, current weight and level of daily activities. Your information will be utilized to estimate the number of maintenance, fat loss and extreme fat loss calories.


Carbohydrates are Good

One of the very popular urban myths states that carbohydrates are bad and lead to weight gain. People can choose among numerous low-carb or no-carb diets that are expected to produce miraculous results.

But according to a Danville bootcamp trainer, carbohydrates are essential for people that are working out. In fact, a pre-workout meal should be rich in carbohydrates. They provide quick and instantly utilizable energy. Thus, consuming carbohydrates before exercising will help you last longer and maximize the results of your routine.

It is important to choose the right carbohydrates. Avoid processed and fast foods. These have little nutritional value. Go for natural products like fresh fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and wholegrain products.

The Importance of Proper Hydration

Surprisingly, many people have improper hydration habits. Drinking insufficient amounts of water will affect both your body transformation efforts and your overall health.

Water plays an important role in all metabolic processes. This is a clear indication that large amounts of water are needed by people who are looking forward to weight loss and a slimmer figure. Sufficient water intake is a very important prerequisite for successful exercise because you will be sweating a lot during a workout.

Most fitness experts recommend the regular intake of water throughout the day. You should also try to have at least two glasses of water before a workout session. Sip on water throughout your exercise session as well.

The Bad Fat?

Fat is probably as infamous as carbohydrates. Many people think that lipids signify automatic weight gain. What most individuals fail understanding is that there are different types of fat and some of these are essential for health.

Hydrogenated and saturated fats should be avoided. These usually have an animal origin or they are found in margarine. Choose healthy fats like olive oil and flax seed oil; these are two very healthy options that will play an important role in your fitness nutrition plan.

Proper fitness nutrition involves lots of awareness and understanding of the building blocks of food. Some careful calculations and getting in the routine of choosing healthy foods will soon help you enjoy better health and maximum workout results, especially with a Danville bootcamp. Once you get used to the new rules, you will enjoy both your food and the weight loss benefits it will produce.

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