What Is Fashion Trend?

What is Fashion Trend?



: Fashion can be termed as a style or practice, especially in your clothing style, cuisine, accessories, literature, art, footwear, architecture, fashion trend, makeup, body piercing etc.Fashion refers to a different and often habitual trend in the style with which a person dresses themselves, as well as to prevailing styles in their behaviour. Fashion conjointly refers to the newest creations and art of designers.

When it comes to fashion media plays a very significant role. For example, journalism related to fashion. Guidelines can be found in fashion


, newspapers, social networks, blogs and websites related to fashion. Recently, fashion blogging and YouTube videos has become a major source for spreading fashion trends and the related tips. So through these media sources, readers and viewers around the world can learn about new fashion trends.


Fashions trends change continuously. Changes in fashion often occur very frequently rather than in other fields of human life. This fast-pace change in fashion sometimes also emerge the negative aspects, as the negative connotations of fashion. Yet others enjoy the diversity that is there due to the changing fashion trends, the constant changes are there to fulfil their desires and to experience something new and interesting.

According to me, fashion helps you to express \’yourself\’ and your feelings and therefore it should always be based on what you find interesting – and no one else! It is an expression of your inner self and not a reflection of other s expectation of what should be expressed. Fashion should be seen in a way that represents a rhythm but the steps that we choose to move to the music with, it should be our own- we shouldn t be bound to the must-have-lists, we should move freely.

Trust me, nothing is as refreshing as watching someone walk down the street in their own small world of awesomeness! So why to be scared to stand out, don\’t be a slave – and if you have to follow what the trend pages say, always be inspired not don t be numb and brainwashed to become a \’fashion slave\’.

Fashion also differs place to place, few major current fashion capitals areknown to be Milan,Paris, New York City, and London; these are the headquarters to the biggest fashion organizations and are renowned for their vast influence on new fashion trends globally.


weeks are held in these cities, where the designers utilize this opportunity to exhibit their new collections to audiences. Westerners have a wide number of choices available in their selection of clothing. What a person wears reflects that person\’s personality or area of interests. Fashions may vary within a society according to age of a person, their social class, generation, occupation, and geography. For example, if an older person dresses like a young people, he or she might look very unusual in the eyes of both older and younger people.

freshness of fashion . Whichever is true and delightful could be a piece of an art. Art is also expressed as fashion, beauty, fine arts, sculpture; acting, music, dancing. And VM is a nice observer of these.


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