The Fabrication Of Dredge, Mining And Excavation Buckets

The fabrication of dredge, mining and excavation buckets



Environmentally, examples of the use of dredging are to clear waterways also to collect sand in order to repair coastal erosion. Industrial and commercial uses dredging are for example the collection of materials used in concrete production and the dredging for valuable trace substances.

Dredging has become an essential operation in process of flood prevention through increasing an area s capacity for holding or carrying water away.


Dredging requires not only the correct craft but also the correct dredging equipment which is mainly the dredging bucket. Each type of dredging project requires a different type of bucket as each location and material required to be dredged is different.

Dredging buckets are made by the process of the fabrication of steel through welding. They are either constructed in a workshop or onsite depending on the nature of the usage and location. Dredging buckets can range from 3m3 to 25m3. The first process is to design the bucket using CAD software and then the drawing service. It is these critical initial stages that enable the bucket to be fabricated.

The materials used in the construction of dredge buckets, excavator buckets and mining buckets are highly sophisticated. The steel is high strength and abrasion resistant with tungsten or chromium carbide wear protection systems. Each bucket is ESCO wear resistant encompassing their protection systems and are bushed and line bored

As mining, excavation and dredging buckets are often used in challenging and demanding situations, it is important to keep on top of refurbishment. A professional dredge bucket manufacturer should also offer the service of repair and refurbishment.

The refurbishment and repair of mining and dredging buckets is as skilled a job as manufacturing. The welding and fabrication processes are as complex and so a fully equipped workshop is required with a lifting capacity in the region of 15 tonnes. The welding should be to ASMA 9 standard or higher with a mobile line boring facility. Once the welding and fabrication has been completed the process of the abrasion resistant and steel plate coatings can be implemented.

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