Rhinoplasy Cosmetic Surgery A Coming Of Age In Hollywood

Rhinoplasy Cosmetic Surgery a coming of age in Hollywood


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Most people interested in undergoing rhinoplasty are interested in nose reshaping but aren t sure what to change. But not so in Hollywood. Ask any Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty expert, and the popular celebrity rhinoplasty trends emerge:

Trend #1: Narrowed Bridge, Thinned Some bridges are affected by bumps or crooks that can be sculpted down to meet current Hollywood standards. To complement the thinner bridge, plastic surgeons refine the tip of the nose to perfect this new look. Celebrities like Ashlee Simpson, Fergie and Beyonce refined their new look with this change even Beverly Hills Revision Rhinoplasty is becoming more acceptable in the hip streets of Beverly Hills and Hollywood.


Trend #2: Narrowed Bridge, Raised Tip This look is similar to look #1 but with one distinct difference: the tip of the nose is slightly upturned. This rhinoplasty trend is perfect for those seeking a classy, elegant appearance. Beauty icons such as Ivanka Trump, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes undergone this cosmetic surgery to narrow their bridge and elevate the tip of their nose talk about the Beverly Hills Facelift popularity!

Trend #3: The “Naturally” Slimmer Nose If you don’t plan on making a dramatic change to your appearance, the natch technique involves narrowing and straightening the bridge of the nose. According to entertainment news reports,: Jennifer Anniston, Cameron Diaz and Ashley Tisdale all availed Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty surgeries. Wow!

A few things to keep in mind before you go and have rhinoplasty, there are some things you have to consider first. Because it can alter your entire facial appearance, therefore this should not be done in haste. You have to make sure that your decision of undergoing rhinoplasty is your personal choice, and not affected by your friends or family. The society has a standard of what makes a perfect nose. Although, it would seem ideal to have that, not all are good candidates for nose reshaping surgery.

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