Commonly Asked Questions About Commercial Air Conditioner Maintenance In Centerville Oh


Individuals who own a business must keep their air conditioning unit running proficiently at all times. To prevent occurrences of air conditioner failure, business owners should schedule regular maintenance checks. Read the information below to learn the answers to commonly asked questions about commercial air conditioner maintenance Centerville OH area services.

What kind of maintenance does a technician perform on commercial air conditioning systems?


To ensure the system is running properly, the technician performs a test on the diagnostic system of the unit. The technician will inspect the working components of the system including the blower, coils and condensate drain. All of the wiring and the electrical system is examined to ensure proper functionality.

The technician must also test the refrigerant level, so the compressor doesn’t become damaged if it’s too low. To complete the maintenance check, the technician will inspect the duct work that runs from the unit into the building.

How often is maintenance required on a commercial air conditioning unit?

Business owners should contact an air conditioning maintenance technician at least once a year to inspect the system. If the unit runs throughout the year, it’s best to have the system checked out every six months. If the unit isn’t running as efficiently as it should, business owners should contact a technician for a service visit.

What can business owners do between maintenance visits to ensure efficient cooling?

Between Commercial Air Conditioner Maintenance Centerville OH area technician visits, business owners should perform routine maintenance checks. One important step is to remove the air filter and replace it or clean it when it’s dirty. A dirty air filter will greatly reduce the efficiency of the system.

Business owners should also frequently examine the outside unit and remove all debris that’s collected on and around the unit, such as grass clippings, leaves and dust. This type of debris can reduce the air flow of the system and cause it to run harder and longer than necessary.

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