Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Caloundra defeated Wynnum 45 points to 24 in their Round 4 Sunshine Coast Rugby Union match at Wynnum’s Grenada Street ground on Saturday.

“It’s a better performance than what we put on last week”, Wynnum coach Matt Myers said. “We’re a forty or fifty minute team at the moment, not an eighty minute team. [Just need to] stay in the fight and take [games] a bit deeper.” Caloundra opened the game with two tries before Wynnum hit back with a couple of tries of their own. “We were able to turn the momentum around after their first two”, Myers said. “They had it all over us in the first fifteen or so and we turned the momentum around.”

Caloundra half back Jarrod Kidston enjoyed the win. “Yeah it was a good start from us, probably the best start from us in a while”, Kidston said. “Then we just made a couple of mistakes and let them back in the game. They’re a good outfit so they put points on pretty quick.”

The visitors would run away with the result in the end. “We got back on even and managed to go try for try for a couple”, Myers said. “[We] let them [have the] momentum [and they were] over the top, they got a roll on”.

Fitness was a big factor in that according to Kidston. “We’ve been working hard on our fitness so it was pretty good to get the points at the back end”, he said.

In other results, Maroochydore defeated Caboolture 43–5, and University knocked of Noosa 32–22

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