Study says dogs can smell lung and breast cancer

Monday, August 7, 2006 Dogs can be trained to detect early and late stages of lung and breast cancer accurately according to a study published by California scientists in the little-known scientific journal Integrative Cancer Therapies. The study took place over the last five years at the Pine Street Foundation, a non-profit organization which conducts evidence-based research on integrative medicine […]

New Zealand riot police use batons to disperse unruly pub-crawl

Monday, August 21, 2006 The annual ‘Undie 500‘ road-trip, in which 400 Canterbury and Otago university students took part, turned into a riot when students started throwing bottles around and lighting fires. The riot started in Dunedin on Castle Street North, which is known for its parties. In the Undie 500 road-trip, students go from Christchurch to Dunedin and along […]

California meat packing firm recalls 143M pounds of beef

Sunday, February 17, 2008 I am dismayed at the in-humane handling of cattle that has resulted in the violation of food safety regulations at the Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing Company. In a press release today, California-based Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing Co. indicated that it has voluntarily recalled just over 143 million pounds (65 million kilograms) of raw and frozen beef products, which […]

Things To Do In Karpenisi Greece

More On This Topic: Install Irrigation System Australia By Nick Nikolis Karpenisi is nestled right in Central Greece. It is also the capital of Evrytania. The town was built right on the slopes of the beautiful Mount Tymfristos at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. Visitors will find a large selection of choice hotels, rooms and guesthouses to […]

Wikinews interviews Goronwy Price about the upcoming by-election in the Bradfield electorate of the Australian parliament

Thursday, December 3, 2009 With two federal by-elections coming up in Australia, many minor parties and independents will be looking to gain a seat in the House of Representatives. Goronwy Price is a candidate representing the Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy party. Mr Price is an environmentalist, adventurer and businessman from the Sydney suburb of Cremorne. “In 1975 I founded the […]

Bangladesh security tightened following Pilkhana massacre and Bashundhara City fire

Friday, March 20, 2009 Following the Pilkhana massacre which occurred February 25 and 26 leaving 74 dead and the inferno at the Bashundhara City shopping mall complex March 13 leaving seven dead, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said security measures are being tightened countrywide across Bangladesh. Fire drills will be enacted at all key-point installations (KPI). Fire fighting systems will be […]

Ireland votes to overturn 35-year-old constitutional ban on abortion

Sunday, May 27, 2018 In the official result of Friday’s Irish referendum over the legality of abortion, referendum officer Barry Ryan announced yesterday 66.4% of voters favoured overturning the eighth amendment of the constitution. Introduced in 1983, the eighth amendment made abortion constitutionally illegal. Irish Taoiseach — Prime Minister — Leo Varadkar said supporting legislation, to be framed following the […]